In our urbanized world of tiny spaces, finding room for a kitchen can be tricky. That’s the problem that Dizzconcept, one of the 13 companies pitching at the Startup Showcase for the Smart Kitchen Summit (SKS) this October, is trying to solve. They create super compact pop-up kitchens that fold, so they can fit into small apartments, cramped offices, and more.

Read our Q&A with CEO Darko Špiljarić to learn a little more about how Dizzconcept hopes to bring kitchens to all sorts of spaces, no matter how tiny. Then get your tickets to see him pitch live at SKS!

This interview has been translated by Karlo Krnić and edited for clarity. 

The Spoon: First thing’s first: give us your 15-second elevator pitch.
Dizzconcept: PIA kitchens are dedicated to solving a number of issues that mainly impact young people in urban areas. PIA kitchens save valuable space and have low rental cost, energy requirements and impact on the environment. We have a fully functional kitchen that only takes up 1 to 1.6 square meters (depending on the model) and each comes with a support for a 40″ TV.

What inspired you to start Dizzconcept?
I was inspired by a personal need to find work that was creative. I was especially drawn to create innovative products which improve people’s lives.

What’s the most challenging part of getting a food tech startup off the ground?
The most challenging part of our kitchen startup is introducing our idea to the architects, interior designers and developers. It can be tricky to make them open to a new way of designing small spaces.

How will Dizzconcept change the day-to-day life of its users?
The buyers of our products enjoy using them. When designing a product such as PIA, users get numerous other benefits in addition to good design: better organization space, lower rental cost, lower heating and cooling costs, lower energy and material cost. Besides, they feel good because they’re contributing to protecting the environment.

What’s next for Dizzconcept?
Currently we are perfecting our outdoor kitchen set (Nota) that will introduce significant innovations and improvements over the typical outdoor kitchen. We are also developing a new space-saving program called MOVI.

Thanks, Darko!  Get your tickets to SKS to hear him pitch alongside 12 emerging food tech companies at our Startup Showcase this October in Seattle.

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