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Happy Saturday, all. Before you head off to kids’ soccer games or boozy brunches, catch up on this week’s food tech news roundup. We’ve got stories about Lyft discounting rides to help folks in food deserts have better access to fresh product, Pizza Hut trying out vegan cheese, and a new concept for a hydroponic farm on Mars.

Lyft offers discounted rides to grocery stores
Rideshare company Lyft is partnering with nonprofit Martha’s Table to launch a new initiative connecting people to fresh food (h/t Pymnts). Called the Grocery Access Program, Lyft will offer discounted rides to and from supermarkets to families living in two (undisclosed) neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. that don’t have ready access to grocery stores. Next up, the rideshare giant plans to roll out the program in more cities like Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Photo: Dartmouth.

Design for Martian Greenhouse wins NASA award
A team of Dartmouth students has won NASA’s 2019 BIG Idea Challenge with their design for a greenhouse that can grow food on Mars (h/t Futurism). The hydroponic dome, which is equipped with a tank of nutrient solution and LED lights, would be able to grow up to eight crops, including kale, sweet potato, soy, strawberry, and wheat. Students estimate that it could create enough food to feed four astronauts 3,100 calories per day over 600 days. Bonus: It could fit in a single 20,000 pound package.

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