Yesterday Shake Shack introduced the world to its new food trucks, available for rental for private events.

To be clear: the Shack Truck doesn’t drive around your city and land at the nearby food truck park come lunchtime. According to the Shack Truck FAQs, it’s instead a vehicle you can rent out for private parties like weddings, anniversaries, birthday bashes, and whatever else you could think to throw a party for.

The menu is determined based on each individual event, but in general you can expect the usual Shake Shack items — burgers, fries, and, of course, shakes. Pricing also varies by event and can be determined once you fill out a form and submit it to the company.

Right now, Shake Shack has two of these trucks: one operating in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT, and PA) and one in Atlanta. There’s no word yet on whether the company will have more trucks or more cities available in future, though given Shake Shack’s rapid expansion pace, it’s likely. For now, if you’re in the area, the company suggests booking the truck at least two weeks in advance of your event.

What’s most intriguing about this is not that you can serve Shake Shack at your wedding (although that is pretty amazing news), but that the company has found yet another way to reach audiences outside the traditional standalone restaurant setting. Nearly all of its 200 units currently deliver, and Shake Shack outlets have long been in places like Madison Square Park, Citi Field, and, more recently, casinos like the New York New York hotel in Las Vegas.

A food truck for rent is really just another form of catering, but it’s cleverly branded catering that screams “millennial,” a generation that’s borderline obsessed with off-premises food options. Plus, around 70 percent of customers (millennials or otherwise) are predicted to be ordering offsite by 2020. That means restaurant chains will have to continue to find unique ways of providing those experiences, and a rentable food truck is certainly a good start.

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