Goodr, a startup which uses blockchain to help redistribute surplus food to those who need it, announced yesterday that it has partnered with delivery service Roadie. The new partnership will allow Goodr to quickly expand its services across the country.

It is estimated that 133 billion pounds of food go to waste in this country each year. Goodr helps combat this food waste by connecting large enterprises and venues that have excess food with non-profits who need it.

Up until now, Goodr has coordinated a driver to pick up and deliver food donations. The partnership with Roadie is the first time it has outsourced delivery. Roadie offers a crowdsourced “on-the-way” delivery service that “connects people who have stuff to send with drivers already heading that way.” According to the press release, Roadie’s drivers will provide same day delivery of excess food to donation centers like churches and shelters.

Roadie raised $37 million earlier this year and has already partnered with Walmart to provide same day grocery delivery.

Both Goodr and Roadie are headquartered in Atlanta. However, Roadie’s delivery service options are nationwide, which will allow Goodr to rapidly scale up its food donation services, and in turn make a bigger impact in reducing food waste and helping those in need.

It’s smart initiatives like this that put Goodr on our 2019 Food Tech 25 list of companies creating the future of food.

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