Li’l autonomous robots are being deployed for various purposes in warehouses and in our homes. But Honda’s new Robocas robot, may actually help entrepreneurial-minded folk start up their own mobile food business.

The bright-eyed (literally) Robocas concept vehicle made its debut at the Tokyo auto show last week. It’s very Eve-from-Wall-E in its looks. Bright white with rounded edges and a cute LED “face.”

It’s been described as a robot cooler that follows you around, and technically, that is true. But with its ability to haul your stuff and its retractable awning, Honda has visions beyond giving you an easy way to lug around a half rack at your next tailgate.

If you believe the Robocas’ promotional video, you can do anything with the Robocas. From running an ice cream stand, to a mini coffee-stand to, ummm… DJing on the beach (like, right at the water’s edge).

All joking aside, you can easily see that if Robocas ever becomes a reality how it could launch a ton of pop-up food carts. The robots agility and ability to carry inventory and equipment would allow people to set up shop quickly just about anywhere.

For those who don’t want to start a business, but still want their beverages delivered by robots, you can hold out hope that Panasonic’s autonomous fridge makes its way to market.

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