Phononic wants to put its solid state cooling technology all over your home

So now that you’ve installed those solar panels, drive a Tesla and even take the blue line into work now and then to make sure you’re doing your part for the environment, you’re feeling pretty good about yourself, aren’t you?

Well before you go bragging about the size of your carbon footprint over Thanksgiving dinner, you might want to consider how you’ve done absolutely nothing to reduce those harmful ozone-killing refrigerants from that old refrigerator humming away in the garage.

But don’t worry, you might have bragging rights for that fridge soon too. That’s because a thermal cooling startup, Phononic, is trying to reinvent refrigeration by embracing solid state cooling techniques, not only in consumer refrigerators but pretty much anywhere in your home that needs cooling.

How is solid state any different from that old Kenmore buzzing away in your garage? In short, solid state refrigerators use semiconductor technology instead of the gas compressor-based systems that make up the vast majority of residential refrigeration. Solid state is the same foundational tech used in LED lighting, and much like the technology was able to reduce energy consumption drastically in pretty much any form of lighting, it can do the same with cooling as well.

And what about you climate change deniers? Phononic has you covered too, since not only will solid-state refrigeration reduce your energy bill, but it will add significant space to any refrigerator since solid state cooling requires much less space than traditional gas compressor refrigeration.

Today Phononic announced they raised $40 million to add to a $71 million C round of funding. And while this post in Techcrunch focuses mainly on commercial refrigeration, Phononic has made it clear it wants to bring it’s solid state cooling technology to residential refrigerators and pretty much anywhere in the home that you might want to keep things chilly.

So not only can you soon brag about your energy and environment-friendly fridge, you might also want to take them downstairs to see that new solid state wine cooler too.

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