Could you use Raspberry Pi to make actual pie? We could soon find out.

That’s because popular engineering community Element14 has launched the Pi Chef design challenge asking its community to come up with new ideas for tech-driven kitchen products using the Raspberry Pi.

Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community and Social Media for element14, told EENewsEurope: “We have asked our community members to create a variety of projects with the Raspberry Pi, from IoT devices for the home to science-fiction inspired gadgets. For this competition we are focussing on food.”

While the challenge is open to pretty much any kitchen concept that utilizes a Raspberry Pi as the “main ingredient”, Element14 offers a few suggestions such as a ‘Fridge-to-sofa IoT beer delivery system’, ‘interactive cook book’ and ‘Automatic cocktail machine’.

The contest, which is taking applications until December 1st, will then give the top 15 applicants a Raspberry Pi design kit that has over $200 worth of Raspberry Pi gear.  From that point on, the finalists will be asked to spend the next 11 weeks blogging as they work through the various projects assigned by the judges.

The community has a Raspberry Pi themed challenge once per year, and it’s interesting to me that they chose to focus on the kitchen this year. I’m intrigued to see what some of the submittals look like and to see some of the content that spills out of the finalists blog posts.

One of the first applicants ideas? An IoT connected crock pot.

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