Tovala, a smart oven/food delivery startup from Chicago, is opening a pop up this summer in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of its home town.

The company hinted at their plans today via social media and indicated that the pop up would feature “classes, tastings, curated dinners and more.”

The move into creating an experiential consumer-facing locations is a trend that’s taken hold over the past year in the connected kitchen space. Fellow debuted a store-event space last year,  while Anova opened the doors to the Anova Kitchen in early June. Brava, another smart oven startup based in Redwood City, has plans to open a retail location in the next month in Palo Alto.

And now it’s Tovala’s turn. While the company isn’t sharing any additional details for now, it sounds like the space will be big enough for a variety of different gatherings ranging from dinners to demos to events.

We’ll update when we find out more about opening date and details about the Tovala pop up, so stay tuned..

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