Did you know we have a Spoon Slack channel? No? Well, we do! It’s a place where our community can connect, talk about news and emerging startups, and discuss food tech trends from grocery delivery to robotic restaurants.

We think our Slack channel is a really valuable resource and want to put it to good use. So we’re launching a series of Slack chats, each exploring a dedicated topic or trend that we’re seeing a lot of in the food innovation space.

First up? Cannabidiol, also known as CBD. The buzzed-about ingredient has been making a splash in the health & wellness communities, popping up in everything from beers to candies to dog treats to face creams. And with the passage of the Farm Bill, which legalizes sales of hemp-derived CBD around the country, we’ll likely only see more of this ingredient in 2019.

Our first Slack Chat will be on January 18th, from 10:30 am – 11:30 am PST. We’ll have folks from marijuana edibles company Kiva, hemp elixir company Lumen, and marijuana dose validation startup TraceTrust to help lead the discussion and answer your questions about CBD.

Who’s the target consumer for CBD products? What sort of impact is it having on the culinary landscape? What exactly is CBD, anyway? Mark your calendars and join us on January 18th to find out!

P.S. You have to be signed up for our Slack channel to join. To do so, head here to fill out a quick form.

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