Food and travel often go hand in hand as one of the best things about visiting new places is sampling the local cuisine. But when you’re abroad and unfamiliar with the native language, you might have trouble ordering your dinner and feeling confident in what you’re going to get.

Enter the new augmented reality app, Waygo. The concept is simple – Waygo doesn’t require an internet connection or anything fancy, just point your phone at a restaurant’s menu and the app will translate it for you into English. And it’s not just a translation app – as points out, it actually shows you pictures of the dish you’re translating, in case the words on the page don’t give you a good enough idea of what you’re about to order.

The app is currently aimed at people traveling to countries where Japanese, Korean and Chinese is spoken but plans on expanding in the near future. According to the company blog, the app is powered by proprietary algorithms that create simple phrases from translations. When it is compared to a top commercial translation software, Waygo was found to be 5x faster and twice as accurate. With 4,000 images and 14,000 curated images, the app is likely to help most folks traveling in Asian countries pick the right thing off the menu.

Read more about Waygo at Tech.Co.


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