I caught up with Neil Grimmer, CEO of Habit, to talk about his new startup that aims to take personal health and nutrition profiles and create customized meal kits.

Ashley profiled Habit back in October when Campbell’s invested in them as part of their new $125 million fund, Acre Venture Partners. From the post:

“Habit is a newly launched company that will deliver a “complete personalized nutrition solution” based on factors like someone’s biological makeup and metabolism. The CEO of Habit, Neil Grimmer, is also the founder of Plum Organics, a company that he sold to Campbell’s back in 2013. Despite having the VC fund, Campbell’s invested directly in Habit and is the startup’s sole funder, according to a Habit spokesperson.

The company will deliver a testing kit to users and together with the app, users are instructed to gather DNA samples to ship to their certified testing lab. The data collected is combined with the user’s reported lifestyle and personal goals and thrown into their priority algorithm known as the Nutrition Intelligence Engine. The algorithm spits out recommendations for what to eat from registered dieticians and a wellness guide along with fitness goals.”

You can listen to the conversation above and read more about Habit at their website.

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