Chowbotics will be bringing a version of its salad making robot to Europe, courtesy of a new partnership with French vegetable company Bonduelle.

While here in the U.S. Chowbotics‘ ‘bot is named “Sally,” the forthcoming French version will go by “Cabaletta.” From the press release:

Like Sally the Robot, Cabaletta can operate 24/7 and will offer custom salads from any combination of 20 ingredients selected by Bonduelle, in addition to chef-crafted, pre-programmed recipes. Users can also fine-tune the calorie total by adding or subtracting ingredients, as well as view full nutritional details for each recipe. The robot’s proprietary technology reduces the risk of foodborne illness, as ingredients are kept sanitary and separate.

The agreement calls for Cabalettas to be deployed across mainland Europe, but the first robots will be installed in several offices and businesses around Lille, France. Though the partnership will kick off with salad robots, Chowbotics raised $11 million last year to fuel expansion into robot-made food bowls with ingredients like grains, yogurt and even poke, so perhaps we’ll see some of those put into circulation as well.

Robots are beginning to take hold around Europe. Based out of Belgium, Alberts is rolling out its Albert smoothie-making robot. Elsewhere in France, Ekim is building its tiny pizza-making robot restaurants. And over in Moscow, MontyCafe‘s robot arm is serving up coffee.

We’ll be sure to ask Chowbotics CEO Deepak Sekar about his company’s European strategy at our upcoming Articulate conference on April 16th in San Francisco. He’s among the many luminary speakers we’ll be chatting with about all things food robot and automation. You can be a part of the conversation too, get your ticket today!

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