If your house is anything like mine, then you have a number of resuable water bottles of all stripes stashed in various kitchen cabinets. These water bottles are a great way to cut down on waste, but not all of them are dishwasher safe, and if they have a narrow mouth, they can be difficult to clean with standard brushes.

And it turns out that not cleaning your reusable drinking bottle can result in a nasty bacteria bio-film build up that can make drinking from an unwashed bottle worse than licking a dog’s chew toy.

To help you stay hydrated and keep your drinking vessels clean, First Wave, the Innovation Lab at Delta, today launched a crowdfunding for the First Wave Glass Rinser. If you’ve worked at a bar, or even watched people work at Starbucks, you’re familiar with how it works.

The Glass Rinser installs easily in a standard kitchen sink hole (it can replace an unused soap dispenser, for example) and attaches to your plumbing. When you push a glass or waterbottle upside down on top of the Glass Rinser, jets of water shoot up to clean out the inside of the glass. It even works on narrow-mouthed water bottles.

Backers can pick up The Glass Rinser for $85 on Indiegogo (all the $75 perks sold out), but they’ll have to wait until October of 2019 before it ships. That’s a long time to wait for what probably amounts to a little more convenience in your life. After all, you have to install it (which may require hiring a plumber) and you still actually wash the bottles after you rinse them out.

The advantages to backing this Glass Rinser seem to be that other, similar glass rinsing solutions are more expensive and more industrial, and require more custom installation. And unlike so many other crowdfunded hardware projects, the fact that it is from a division of Delta, which already makes kitchen sink related items at scale, means that there is a better chance of this actually coming to market if funded.

On this, its first day, the campaign has already hit 67 percent of its $200,000 crowdfunding goal. Looks like this Glass Rinser is making a splash.

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