From the big IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, smart kitchen software company Drop announced today the launch of the CookEasy+, a connected all-in-one cooker developed in partnership with Kenwood, a division of De’Longhi Group (not the stereo company).

According to the press release Drop sent to The Spoon, the CookEasy+ is a “multifunctional thermal cooker that allows users to chop, steam, stir, knead, mix, weigh, slow-cook and blend all in one appliance.” Drop’s software platform powers the CookEasy+, relaying step-by-step guided cooking instructions to the device, including temperature, time and speed.

The CookEasy+ also has an integrated scale that Drop says has “single-gram” precision with a max capacity of six kilograms, so you can weigh out the proper amount of ingredients in the device as you are preparing a dish. FWIW, Drop’s first product was a smart scale.

CookEasy+ cook programs can be controlled via a tablet running the Drop software; there is also a range of preset programs available on the built-in 4.3-inch color touchscreen. You can see the CookEasy+ in action in this promotional video:

The CookEasy+ is the second collaboration from from Drop and Kenwood. In April of last year, the two companies released the Drop-powered Kenwood kCook Multi Smart cooking food processor. The release of the CookEasy+ shows that Kenwood saw enough positive results from the initial partnership to continue with the new product.

All-in-one multicookers like the CookEasy+ and the Thermomix are popular outside of the U.S., which is perhaps why the CookEasy won’t be coming to American shores. The CookEasy+ will be available in stores across France starting in September and will cost €999 (~$1,100 USD).

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