We’re in the midst of the weird, nebulous time in between Christmas and New Year’s — holiday No Man’s Land. But between Netflix binges and cooking projects, take a few minutes to read up on this week’s food tech news: the last one of the year! We’ll see you in 2019.

P.S. If you’re curious about what sort of food tech trends 2019 will bring, check out our predictions posts here here and here.

Seattle Food Tech debuts plant-based nuggets
This past weekend Seattle Food Tech (SFT), the startup which makes vegan chicken nuggets for B2B distribution, debuted their products at Seattle’s Wayward Vegan Cafe. According to CEO Christie Lagally, the plates came with 5 nuggets and two sauces and cost $5 each. The pop-up was just for the weekend, and Lagally said that SFT would start serving institutional customers at hospitals next.

Photo: Pedialyte

Pedialyte’s new product is specifically meant to cure hangovers
Adults have long turned to Pedialyte to rehydrate after a night of overindulgence. Now the unofficial hangover cure has gone official: Pedialyte unveiled Sparkling Rush, a fizzing powder packed with electrolytes meant to rehydrate even the most worse-for-the-wear (h/t Food & Wine). Just in time for New Year’s Day, too!

People are Instagramming their in-flight meals
You have to turn your phone to Airplane Mode when you’re flying, but that doesn’t stop people from snapping pics of their in-flight meals. This week Quartzy’s Rosie Spinks wrote about a new trend: Instagramming airplane grub. There are several Instagram accounts dedicated solely to re-gramming people’s lackluster (or, rarely, top-notch) airline fare — and it’s becoming almost a sport.

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