A year after Eli Holzman first created Project Runway, he called Parson’s School of Design to see how the partnership was going from them. They told that enrollment in their program had doubled. In fact, across the country, there had been a massive uptick in applications for fashion design schools. That’s when Holzman first realized what a powerful medium television — and video — could be.

Cut to a few years later, when he was trying to cook a recipe from his brother (chef of The Meatball Shop). “I just made a mess of it,” he said. So he decided to send a crew to videotape his brother making the recipe and use it as a guide to cook along in his own kitchen. He had such success that the brothers decided to launch Project Foodie: an app with real-time video recipes meant to be a foolproof guide for home cooks.

Our own Chris Albrecht sat down with Holzman on the Smart Kitchen Summit 2018 stage to talk about his experience transitioning into a new form of media in the kitchen: the unexpected production challenges, his new success metrics, and his vision for the future of cooking video content.

Watch the full video below:

Look out for more videos of the panels, solo talks, and fireside chats from SKS 2018! We’ll be bringing them to you hot and fresh out the (smart) kitchen over the next few weeks.

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