As we scour Kickstarter for interesting story ideas, it’s not hard to be struck by the many, many bad ideas you see on the crowdfunding platform. But those pale in comparison with the truly awful product ideas that satirist(?) Oli Frost came up with for his Flopstarter.

Big tip of the hat to FastCompany for surfacing this gem, which includes food-related projects such as:

  • Natural Death Beef: A beef range made from cows that have either just died in their sleep or had a little tumble. ($20,000)
  • 15 Second Meals: A recipe book for meals you actually make – like buttered cold bread, or cereal for lunch. ($25,000)
  • Vintage Food: A food market serving real people’s leftovers in rustic paper boxes.($35,000)

Honestly, these projects aren’t even as silly as the actually Kickstarted Forktula.

Though it’s unlikely Flopstarter products will ever see the light of day (you need $2,000 to back and receive just “one pack” of Natural Death Beef), FastCompany confirmed with Frost that they are, in fact, real and people can actually put in their credit card to back them.

We at The Spoon won’t be buying any Vintage Food anytime soon, but we’ll definitely be sharing the Flopstarter site with friends at our weekend barbeque.

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