We at the Spoon aren’t just about high-end, wi-fi-enabled, AI-powered, connected kitchen appliances. We also appreciate the low-tech approach to solving food problems. And one problem eaters everywhere have encountered at some point is the best way to get every bit of a delicious sauce off the plate and into your mouth.

But now, two dudes from Canada have come up with a solution by combining the fork and a spatula to create: The Forktula! Basically, the Forktula is a small silicone sleeve that goes over half the tines of your fork. After you’ve finished eating your food, simply slide the spatula part over any remaining sauce to scrape up every last bit of deliciousness.

Like the food scale + cutting board combo, Nutriscale, before it, there is a “that doesn’t already exist?” obviousness to the Forktula. Also like Nutriscale, The Forktula is using Kickstarter to get to market and also hails from Canada.

The creators of the Forktula admit that they are solving “The world’s smallest problem.” But there is something to reducing food waste, reducing a mess scraping sauce into a compost bin, and reducing your carb intake by using a Forktula rather than a piece of bread.

If the Forktula intrigues you, a pledge of $7 on Kickstarter can get you a four-pack with delivery anywhere in the world this December — just in time for the holidays. And who wouldn’t appreciate that?

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