Are you ready for a robot waiter?

Human-less restaurants may be stumbling a bit in their infancy, but a recent survey from Oracle predicts that robots and virtual reality will become mainstream in the restaurant biz by 2025.

The findings of the Oracle survey were presented at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas earlier this month. Here are some of the highlights (read the full story at Kiosk Marketplace):

Facial Recognition/3D Imaging
Nearly half of the consumer respondents said the use of facial recognition and 3D imaging would make their restaurant experience better. They like the idea of being identified without giving their name or showing a loyalty card.

On the restaurant operator side, 46 percent of respondents said facial recognition and 3D imaging would be mainstream by 2025. The applications for this tech would be both in the front and back of the house including security and food safety.

Virtual Reality
Restaurant operators see a benefit to using VR in their establishments, predicting it will become mainstream by 2025. They see its use in staff training and designing restaurant flow, as well as guest entertainment (enjoy that virtual filet mignon!).

Artificial Intelligence
It would be interesting to see how the researchers framed this question, since AI can be widely misinterpreted. But according to the survey, a little more than a third of consumers would like a more Netflix-y meal, with suggestions based on previous dining.

Roughly a third would also like to be automatically charged, eliminating the wait to pay. Combine this wish with the acceptance of facial recognition and your Minority Report-style experience isn’t that far off.

The restaurantbots are coming! “Many restaurant operators” anticipate robots becoming mainstream by 2025, performing tasks such as cleaning, food service and preparation and hosting.

The year 2025 is not that far off and readers of The Spoon are already preparing themselves today for the mainstream restaurant tech of tomorrow.

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