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So you thought you were cool, did you, sitting on your couch drinking a Moscow Mule and watching some TV? Nope, you’re just like the rest of Middle America.

Turns out the Moscow Mule is in a dead heat with the margarita in the competition for most-popular at-home drink, according to POC Metrics’ 2016 report “At-Home Alcohol Consumption Is Now Measurable.” And over time, it will only continue to get more popular, aka become the type of drink your weird Aunt Judy drinks while watching Wheel of Fortune.

The company analyzed data from 100,000 repeat users of the Perfect Drink smart bartending platform over two years to find these insights. (If you’re not familiar, the platform helps users measure perfectly portioned cocktails from its stash of recipes or user-uploaded ones.)

The report indicates that the Moscow Mule has almost tripled its market share in the past few years. It’s also replaced the Cosmopolitan as the most popular vodka cocktail (don’t tell the Sex and the City gals) — valuable information, as vodka is the number one at-home spirit base.


POC Metrics has even dialed down to tell you that the Moscow Mule gained overwhelming popularity in the Midwest first, with the Northeast, South, and West coming a year or so later and that people are more likely to drink margaritas at brunch or lunch during the weekday and Moscow Mules in the evenings on the weekend.

“So what?” says Aunt Judy.

She’s right. The most interesting part of the report lies in its implications: What happens when cocktails get connected?

-Retails, distributors, and manufacturers will now know precisely where to stock inventory, as well as the regions on which they should focus advertising.

-Using a more-refined version of Perfect Drink’s “cabinet feature,” retailers could alert consumers when their vodka supply is running low and prompt them to reorder it, or even put that reorder on auto and have it delivered seamlessly to their door (or ready for them at their local liquor store).

-Based on the last few cocktails you’ve consumed, a platform could suggest other cocktails with similar ingredients, to aid discovery and mix things up (literally and figuratively).

-Perhaps most importantly: We’ll all realize we’re super boring and predictable and drink the same damn thing every night.


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