One of the biggest changes to happen to the kitchen (and let’s be honest, most aspects of our lives) over the past ten years is the rise of mobile computing.

A decade ago, everyone used flip phones, touch interfaces were the stuff of Tom Cruise movies, and the iPad was just an idea in Steve Jobs’ head.

Today? Mobile computing is everywhere, including the kitchen.

We decided to ask over 1000 households and how often they bring a computing device into the kitchen to find recipes, meal ideas or to learn meal preparation. According to a survey fielded in early August of this year, roughly 7 in 10 bring a computing device into the kitchen to help them cook, with roughly half doing so fairly frequently (a few times a month or more) while 2 in 10 bring a computing device into the kitchen less than once a month.

Figure 2: Use A Computing Devices in Kitchen For Recipes, Meal Ideas, Learn Meal Prep (by Age)


Not surprisingly, younger folks are much more likely to use a mobile device or computer in the kitchen as a digital sous chef. Nearly a quarter of those aged 18 to 29 use a phone, tablet or computer in the kitchen to help with cooking once a week or more, while just 10% of those aged sixty or more do so.  All told, 86% of adults under 30 are “digital cooks” while just half of those over can say the same.

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