We’re expanding our podcast initiative here at The Spoon because the format is perfect for longer, more nuanced discussions about food and technology. Because we want our podcasts to be awesome, I went looking for some expert advice and called up Dan Pashman.

Pashman is the jovial host of The Sporkful, a fun food podcast that always has a unique point of view when it comes to eating (eat pizza inside out!). Over the past eight years, he’s grown The Sporkful from a side project to part-time gig to full-time job in the crowded world of podcasts.

In this episode, we talk about how The Sporkful has evolved from being stories about food to the stories about people that food creates, how building a successful podcast requires you to “work your ass off,” and a solid tip for getting off “The Wheel of Infinite Thanksgiving Anxiety.”

Listen to the episode below or subscribe to the Smart Kitchen Show on Apple podcasts!

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