I don’t know about you, but Sunday evening dinner at my house usually means something simple like sloppy Joes, tacos or even the occasional brinner.

But not everyone mails it in when it comes to the end of the weekend meal. According to data gathered by ChefSteps, which recently reached the milestone of a million meals cooked by users of their Joule sous vide immersion circulator, users of the cooking appliance are making decidedly tastier meals like lamb chops and tenderloin roast for their Sunday evening meals.

Three Joule cooking guides that are popular on Sunday

It used to be that any guess about what people cooked on a given night was just that, a guess, often times based on survey data. But when a device is connected, it’s actually possible to look at usage data in realtime.

Data like cooking frequency and the types of meals people are cooking on what nights. According to ChefSteps CEO Chris Young, about 2 in 10 users are likely to use their Joule on any given day, and about 4 in 10 are likely to use it each week. Each Joule has about a 70% likelihood of being used in a give month.

The way in which ChefSteps determines what a given person is cooking with the Joule is through analyzing the different cooking guides, the visual instructions found in the Joule app that walk users through a recipe.  According to Young, about half of Joule users use the cooking guides when making a meal, with the other half cooking in manual mode.

Young says that as the company has released more cooking guides, usage of ‘guided cooking’ has jumped from 30% to 50% of all cooking sessions with the Joule. He also indicated that the company is also able to effect behavior by releasing certain guides.

“When we create a guide, we can spike demand,” said Young. “When we published the overnight bacon cooking guide, bacon cooking went through the roof.”

And when is bacon cooking popular? Saturday, of course.

You can check out the which days of week each cooking guide are most popular by looking at the graphic below:

Usage of Joule cooking guides by days of the week

And since this is sous vide we’re talking about, it’s not altogether surprising that the most popular type of meal cooked with the Joule is steak. After steak, chicken, pork and eggs also show up as favorites.

You can see the overall ranking of the meal types by popularity below:

Popularity of all meals by type for the Joule
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