US Adoption of Food Delivery Services By Type

When it comes to home food delivery, the corner restaurant still rules.

That’s according to a new survey conducted by NextMarket Insights of over one thousand US households, where about one third (30%) of consumers surveyed regularly have food delivered from local restaurants.

How do newer delivery models such as mealkit delivery (i.e. Blue Apron) and prepared meal delivery services (i.e. Munchery) compare? Not so well. Just 6.7% of those surveyed use meal kit delivery and only 3.3% use some form of prepared meal delivery.

Figure 2: US Adoption of Meal Delivery Services by Age

meal-deliveryNot surprisingly, younger folks are more likely to try alternative delivery methods like mealkits. According to the survey, 8.7% of respondents aged 18-29 said they used meal kits services, compared with just 3.1% those aged 60 and over. This younger age group is the most likely to use prepared meal delivery services, with 7.3% of respondents saying they use these services compared with just 1.6% of those over 60 and 1.1% of those aged 45-59.

In general, those households under 45 are more likely to have food delivered to their home no matter what the model. 36% of those surveyed under 30 say they have food delivered from a local restaurant, compared to 34% of those aged 30-44. Those 60 and over? Just 19% of those surveyed in this age bracket have food delivered from local restaurants.

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