A taster records her response during a test to determine if sipping astringent solutions in between samples of fatty food affects the perceived fattiness.

America’s Test Kitchen, a popular cooking show turned publication house, has launched a new brand called Cook’s Science. Led by food journalist Molly Birnbaum and America’s Test Kitchen host Dan Souza, Cook’s Science will report on stories that delve into the science behind food, experimentations in the kitchen and publish unique recipes for consumers.

Our take: As the food industry diversifies and expands, there are more opportunities for publications to expand their coverage. From consumer-driven content like recipe videos and guided cooking to examining the ways that technology is changing the way we eat, buy and prepare our food (see – The Spoon!), there’s a lot to talk about. And the industries that are involved and interested in these topics span a huge range: food, commerce, technology, AI, Big Data, design, retail and more.

We look forward to reading Cook’s Science take on the science behind the things we eat and getting our food nerd on.

Read the full press release. 

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