This morning I opened my email to see a new Product Hunt post from angel investor and entrepreneur Jason Calacanis about a new “Inside” newsletter he’s launching called Inside Beer. Calacanis has founded a couple of tech and startup based pubs, including Engadget and “This Week In Startups” along with LAUNCH but also started “Inside,” a series of industry-based vertical newsletters.

To date, Inside has tackled issues like security, San Francisco, venture capital, VR and AR so covering the latest news around beer feels a little off-brand. That is, unless you’re paying attention to what’s happening between tech and the beverage industry.

Says Calacanis,

“This may seem like a “fun” vertical for an Inside newsletter, but the reality is that beer is multi-billion dollar industry and many people – from restaurant folks to brewers to distributors – have a pressing, professional need to stay up on this news. Inside Beer provides it, in one email.”

Considering the emerging startups in the space and the partnerships between Big Beverage and tech to bring things like home brewing and the smart bar to the mainstream, we’re pretty sure 2017 is the year that tech starts to play a major role in the future creation and consumption of beer, wine and spirits. We’ll be watching the Inside Beer newsletter and the future of drink space closely.

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