We’ve been following Dave Arnold’s latest project, the Spinzall, since the very beginning, and today the chef-meets-mad-scientist released an update on the crowdfunding campaign for his culinary centrifuge system.

In a video update which can be seen above, Arnold said despite missing his crowdfunding target, he was able to reduce the number of Spinzall units required for the first production and, as a result, “we’re going to move forward.”

He goes on to show off early production parts for the plastic portion of the Spinzall and gives updates on the first-off tooling for the Spinzall rotor. According to Arnold, they should have firm Spinzall ship dates in early February after a test run of the rotor made with initial production parts.

It’s an interesting choice for Arnold to move forward with production since his crowdfunding campaign was “all or nothing” mode, but because he ran it on Modernist Pantry, an online resource and retailer focused on culinary science tools and ingredients and not on a traditional crowdfunding platform, he wasn’t held to the usual campaign terms required by sites such as Kickstarter. The Spinzall’s original crowdfunding target was $699 thousand, and with a day to go Arnold has raised 69% of that target at $480 thousand.

My guess is backers who know Arnold are perfectly fine with this. After all, they know he and his company Booker and Dax have shown they can ship products and, more importantly, moving forward means not only will they get the Spinzall, but they’ll also get lots more of Dave talking about the Spinzall.

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