Recently we caught up with Dave Arnold, the energetic, food-obsessed author of Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail and the director of the Museum of Food & Drink. He told us all about the new centrifuge he’s making for home and restaurant use.

And now it’s officially for sale! Called the Spinzall, it’s available now for a promotional price of $699 (it will eventually cost $999.99, so hurry and buy one now), exclusively on Modernist Pantry. The sale is part of a crowdfunding campaign where he is looking to hit a goal of just under $700 thousand. He’s off to a good start, with $155 thousand in sales with 30 days to go.

So why would you want one? Well, you can use it to clarify any liquid you could ever want, for starters, especially fruit juices or even coffee. But where the centrifuge really “blows everything else out of the water,” Arnold told us, is with flavored and infused oils. “I don’t anticipate there being any other tool on the market that will touch it,” Arnold said. “Throw [the spices] in a centrifuge and the flavor is just like, ‘Sploooosh!’” Same for other recipes that don’t yield high amounts, like the famous pea butter from Modernist Cuisine, which he said is better made at home for a small family than in a restaurant with lots of hungry patrons. It also apparently makes delicious baby food, is dishwasher-safe, and comes with a guide and recipes.

Now, this might seem like a pretty unlikely appliance, but considering that the rest of the centrifuges on the market cost around $5,000, the Spinzall is a huge steal. It’s also only Arnold’s first attempt at a centrifuge, and he has promised to keep innovating until he finds something with “mass market appeal.” With the success of his first product, the Searzall, we believe him. Because it’s clear that consumers want more and more specific kitchen tools, with the power of science behind them.

Watch the video below to hear Dave talk about the Searzall:

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