In news that will either excite or terrify coffee drinkers everywhere, Ember, makers of the precision temperature control mugs, today announced a new update to its app that integrates with Apple Health to help users track their caffeine intake. Ember also announced today that it will sell its mugs in Apple stores and the Apple store online.

The new Ember app allows users to track their caffeine consumption and set maximum caffeine intake measurements for the day. The app will notify you when you hit your limit, so you can make a different beverage choice. With Apple Health app data, users will be able to understand how their caffeine consumption impacts their heart rate and sleep patterns as well.

I got my wife an Ember mug for Christmas. With the coffee staying hot all the time, she unwittingly guzzled 8 cups worth before lunch and was practically vibrating. That’s obviously not a daily problem, but understanding your caffeine consumption (especially if you can tie it in with any sleep patterns) will probably be useful for a lot of people.

Ember’s move into Apple stores actually makes a lot of sense given the startup’s previous sales relationship with another premium brand, Starbucks. Apple is a high-tech, high-end brand where Ember’s stylish and expensive products won’t be out of place. As part of the deal, Ember is making a white version of its travel mug exclusively for Apple.

Adding another massive sales channel like Apple’s will also give Ember loads of more data to better understand its customers. For instance, the company has said before that 10:51 a.m. is peak coffee drinking time across the U.S. With the new caffeine tracker, Ember users will now know when it’s time to quit drinking coffee.

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