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Every year, a host of new “smart” products launch into the connected ecosphere. We’ve seen connected vibrating pants (yes really) and Wi-Fi diapers and smart water bottles – where does it end?

Throwing connectivity into all of our things has led to some pretty dumb “smart” stuff. But then there’s Ember. I have to admit, you probably have to like coffee a whole lot to shell out $150 for this smart travel mug, but it’s basic function? To keep your coffee the right temperature, the whole time you’re drinking it.

The mug, which looks a little like an Amazon Echo (…don’t make that mistake and pour coffee on Alexa) is able to heat up or cool down the liquid inside. The temp can be controlled on the mug itself or via an app (smart!) and is wirelessly chargeable.

The folks over at New Atlas have a full review of the Ember mug and they have good things to say, including,

if you fall into Ember’s picky target audience – and want coffee flavor to stay optimized all the way to the end – you’re getting a product that does its job well and without compromise.

Coffee does not taste the same from the beginning of the mug until the end – especially if you have young kids who don’t let you finish a cup in the morning before demanding things from you. So yeah, it’s a little spendy. But if Ember is going to keep my coffee tasting the same from start to finish? I am here for it.

I am not the only one, apparently, because Starbucks reportedly keeps selling out (the company’s only retail location as of now) and the mugs are back ordered until April on the site. Though it’s the company’s flagship product, the website indicates the company plans “to revolutionize the way the world eats and drinks,” indicating more food tech products to come.

Check out the New Atlas full review of the Ember connected coffee mug.

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