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Jason Allen is no stranger to the concept of “website-aggregator” as a business model. As the former CTO of, Allen was hired in 2014 to help the home professional marketplace pair its service of helping homeowners find people to help them with work around the house with Houzz-like portfolios to show off what’s possible in home improvement.

Now Allen and co-founder Mike Shim, a former HBO exec, are launching FeedMe, an metasearch service and aggregator for food delivery services. Why do these cofounders believe now is the time for the food delivery space to have a Kayak of its own? As it turns out, with the massive growth of food delivery companies, there’s also a wide discrepancy in who delivers from what restaurant, what they charge and hidden fees..

Shim commented on Product Hunt,

“We got tired of juggling multiple apps just to find the best choices and deals on restaurant delivery, so we built FeedMe to search across all the food delivery services at once.”

FeedMe is not another food delivery service, but a website (and soon, an app) that lets consumers put in their address and select from a variety of restaurants that offer takeout in their area. It tells you who delivers from a chosen restaurant and how much you can expect to pay. The ordering itself is done via the delivery service website and FeedMe collects an affiliate fee for the referral.

Being Seattle tech natives, the pair have launched the website in Seattle only for now, but have plans to scale around the country. The True Pricing feature is a little like what Zebra is trying to do for car insurance shopping or Trivago is doing for hotels – exposing the best price for each restaurant and giving hungry users a direct line to ordering.

It’s still early days – the company said in a blog post that they were scooped on Product Hunt and not quite ready to launch but are in the throws of it now. We’ll look to see how they expand and what additional features they might build into their food delivery metasearch engine and aggregator in the future.

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