Facebook officially expanded its food delivery service today, allowing users to order eats from local restaurants, national restaurant chains and food ordering services, all within its app.

The program was announced last October and started appearing slowly earlier this year. With today’s announcement, food ordering is being rolled out across the U.S. and is available via its iOS, Android and desktop apps. Check it out in action in this video:

Sadly, this means Mark Zuckerberg will not be donning a baseball cap and hopping into a beat up VW Scirocco to personally deliver a pizza pie to your door. Rather, Facebook is serving as a mechanism for your food delivery. From the announcement post:

People will be able to browse restaurants near them that take orders via Delivery.com, DoorDash, ChowNow, Zuppler, EatStreet, Slice, and Olo, as well as directly from restaurants including Papa John’s, Wingstop, Panera, Jack in the Box, TGI Friday’s, Denny’s, El Pollo Loco, Chipotle, Five Guys and Jimmy John’s.

Which makes sense, given that Facebook doesn’t really want to get into delivering actual food. But it does want all the data that goes along with your ordering food — what you order, when you order, where from, how often, etc.. As TechCrunch points out, Facebook isn’t even charging any fees or sharing any portion of the profits from orders placed via its app.

Facebook isn’t the only tech giant offering food delivery via its app. Google offers delivery options through Google Maps, and Amazon offers restaurant delivery for Prime members, and that’s in addition to standalone services like Grubhub and Caviar.

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