The Hestan Cue, a connected cooking system that features an induction burner and – up til now – a single choice of cookware in a Bluetooth-enabled pan, just added a new cookware option: the Chef’s Pot.

Announced today, the Chef’s Pot is similar to the Hestan Cue pan in that is features a smart Bluetooth module and syncs with the smart induction burner that comes with the Hestan Cue system. Like the pan, the Chef’s Pot can also be used with the Hestan Cue app, the three of which (cookware, burner, app) orchestrate a guided cooking experience with synchronized video tutorials that communicate with the pan and induction burner system.

Adding a pot also makes sense since even if you’re new to the kitchen, you’ll eventually need more than one piece of cookware. With the Chef’s Pot, owners of the Hestan Cue can now make soup, braise a chicken or slow cook some pork. To accommodate the new culinary directions enabled by a pot the Hestan Cue app has also added new recipes.

Like the Hestan Cue itself, the Chef’s Pot isn’t cheap. The new connected cookware runs $299, which is a pretty penny since you can pick up an entire cookware set for about two hundred bucks.

Long term, you have to wonder whether the Hestan Cue technology will find its way into more Meyer cookware. Meyer, Hestan Smart Cooking’s parent company, is one of the world’s largest cookware companies, it’s growth fueled in the 80s in part by Stanley Cheng’s innovations in non-stick cooking surfaces. Thirty years later, it’s possible the company’s next wave growth will center around intelligent cookware.

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