ImpactVision, which uses hyperspectral imaging to determine food quality, raised $1.3 million to further develop its technology. Agfunder News reports that the seed round was led by Acre Venture Partners (which is backed by Campbell’s Soup).

Using a combination of digital imaging, spectroscopy and machine learning, Impact Vision’s technology allows food companies to take a picture of food, analyze the unique spectral reflections of the light, and determine nutritional content, fat and protein content and freshness level.

With this automated and non-invasive technique, ImpactVision hopes to help make the food chain more transparent, improve the quality and freshness of food available, and reduce food waste.

According to its site, ImpactVision currently offers software packages that can work with beef, white fish, bananas and avocados. These packages include a camera for acquiring the hyperspectral data, and the software platform to provide analysis and results.

Digital imaging and AI analysis is getting its moment in the sun when it comes to food production. At our recent Smart Kitchen Summit, Consumer Physics showed off its handheld SCiO spectrometer food sensor, which, in conjunction with machine learning in the cloud, identifies various components of food like salmon. The SCiO has been used up the food chain to better identify the quality of feed given to milk cows.

ImpactVision is currently in paid pilot programs with a handful of food companies. It says the money raised will go towards developing its technology, and expand its platform to work with a range of hyperspectral sensors.

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