Innit, the connected food platform, today released its iOS app, which the company hopes will become a GPS in the kitchen by letting users control different smart appliances and customize the meals they prepare.

The Innit app is a Swiss army knife of sorts, with tools to help you through the entire cooking process: automatically create shopping lists, get instructional videos for how to prepare each meal and control smart appliances directly from your phone.

A big selling point for the app is that it works with multiple connected kitchen platforms. Innit currently works with GE Appliances and Bosch Home Connect devices, and says it has partnerships with Philips Kitchen Appliances, Perfect Company and Chef’d, though details of those deals won’t be made available until early next year.

Innit also partnered with celebrity chef Tyler Florence to create content for the platform. Florence declared at our recent Smart Kitchen Summit that he had written his last cookbook and that the recipe is dead. Those old school forms of instruction, Florence said, will be replaced by the types of micro-content that the Innit App provides.

So it’s a little surprising when you open the app and are greeted by a list of recipes. Though tapping on them reveals what Florence was talking about. I selected a chicken wrap recipe and was immediately given the option to customize various elements, presumably based on what items I already had in my kitchen. This chicken wrap could, for example, be made with flank steak or fish.

From there, Innit walks you through the prep with the ingredients you’ll need (which can be turned into a shopping list), as well as phone-friendly, narrator-less, close up videos of how to chop, mix and cook each ingredient.

We’ll be providing a more in-depth look at the app in a future post. For the curious, Innit for iOS is available today, though at the time of this writing, you could only access by visiting and receiving a texted link.

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