Amanda Gold interviews Tyler Florence. Image: Scott Payton

Cookbooks are a thing of the past for Tyler Florence. Though the celebrity chef has penned 16 cookbooks (and 20,000 recipes), Florence proclaimed “I believe recipes are dead” from the stage of our recent Smart Kitchen Summit.

Instead, Florence believes that the connected kitchen, along with machine learning, will usher in a new era of “micro cooking content” that in effect turns the recipe inside out, and he’s joined up with tech company Innit to make that happen.

Traditionally, recipes are top down dictating what you need to get in order to make a standardized meal. Florence and Innit have been stealthily working on an app (due out this December) that instead starts with what you already have and customizes the cooking for you.

In the app, you’ll be able to select the protein you have, the sauce you want, the vegetable you have as well as a carbohydrate. From there, Florence has created thousands of hours of video cooking footage and the app algorithmically searches through all this content and stitches together a guide on demand.

You should listen to his full talk (presented here) from the session, as Florence seems to really get how kitchen tech can fundamentally shift the way everyday people can become better cooks. He’s also forward thinking, musing about the role voice assistants and artificial intelligence will play in crafting meals that are tailored to your tastes without demanding too much of your time.

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