This week, Kellyanne Conway had many people wondering if a microwave can actually spy on us. As WIRED writer Lily Hay Newman deftly explains, the answer is a definite no, unless of course the microwave has a camera or a microphone (which pretty much no microwaves do).

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any innovation happening when it comes to this kitchen workhorse. In fact, as it turns out a new FCC document filing surfaced yesterday for a new Whirlpool microwave that shows the world’s biggest appliance maker has some ideas for giving the fast-cook appliance a high-tech upgrade.

Whirlpool’s WiFi microwave doesn’t spy on you, but you can control it with an app

According to the document – uncovered by IHS analyst Lee Ratliff – the new Whirlpool smart microwave will have Wi-Fi and allow the user to receive notifications when a cook is done. It will also have other interesting features such as ‘Sabbath Mode’.

The filing gives us more details on a product that Whirlpool hinted at at this year’s CES as part of an expanded smart kitchen suite. And while there isn’t any indication of a microphone on board the device, there’s a good chance you will be able to talk to this new model with an Alexa integration, which was also a key focus for the consumer appliance giant at this year’s CES.

So while Whirlpool’s microwave may not be able to spy on you, you can certainly keep tabs on it and even tell it to mind its own business through Amazon’s smart home virtual assistant.

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