Three years ago, I walked into my home and saw an inch of standing water on the floor and water pouring out from the lights in the ceiling.

While my house being flooded was a new experience, I knew the first thing I needed to do was call someone and have them come clean things up.  That company was Servicemaster.

I’d learn later that Servicemaster does a whole lot more than just helping with disaster recovery. They also own a home warranty business (American Home Shield), pest control (Terminix), housecleaning (Merry Maid) and much more.

I often have wondered how smart home and IoT will change these types of services by making them more proactive.  That’s why I decided to find out by talking to Servicemaster CIO Jamie Smith.

On this podcast Jamie and I talk about how Servicemaster is evolving through the use of technology and where Jamie sees the market for home services going in the coming years.

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