While Rohan Pradhan was in Harvard Business School he created a startup, Chefstro, which linked restaurant chefs with customers who wanted to hire them for private dinner parties and pop-up events.

He eventually left his startup to work at Amazon Prime Now, but kept up his interest in food-related business ventures. Good thing, because he now works for Deliveroo, one of the largest restaurant food delivery companies in the U.K. In addition to leading new initiatives for the fast-growing startup (like robot chefs, perhaps?), Pradhan is also Head of Editions.

The Deliveroo Editions team uses customer data to curate restaurant hubs in areas which have unfulfilled demands for certain restaurant chains or cuisines. This model allows restaurants to launch with zero start-up costs while providing customers a wide variety of delivery food options, even if they aren’t located in an area with a high concentration of restaurants. Essentially, it’s cloud kitchens meets a food hall, with some heavy analysis to determine which foods customers want and where.

So how does Pradhan help Deliveroo innovate and thrive in the extremely crowded and competitive food delivery market?

That’s what he’ll tell us at Smart Kitchen Summit Europe on June 12th at the Guinness Storehouse. You can buy your tickets here. 

See you in Dublin. 

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