Photo: Tuxton Home on Kickstarter

Sous vide fiends, gadget lovers, and devotees of the perfectly-cooked steak, listen up.

Tuxton Home recently launched their Sous Vide Pot on Kickstarter, which is a pot… that holds your sous vide wands in place. The pot is essentially a large stockpot with a 2.4 inch sous vide adapter hole, which they claim will accommodate most sous vide products on the market — or at least any one that is less than 2.4 inches in diameter. (Which notably excludes the Chefsteps Joule, though the Kickstarter page says they’re developing an adaptor to fit it.)

There are some quantifiable advantages to the Sous Vide Pot. Compared to an open Triply pot, it is 31% faster to reach goal temperature, and it requires less water and energy. The Kickstarter page also touts the silicon-rimmed lid as a replacement for clips you typically need to keep sous vide packages in place. The lid prevents evaporation, so as long as you completely cover the meat (or whatever) you’re cooking with water, you should be good. Tuxton Home also offers a custom-fitted rack to ensure that your food pouches stay fully immersed. Whether or not that makes it worth a buy depends on the frequency you sous vide and how much you value convenience.

The cool and not so cool part of this product is that it is basically just a nicely made large pot. Which means it is a versatile piece of kitchen equipment, but also means it’s not especially groundbreaking. But if your kitchen is teeny tiny (like mine), every gadget has to have multiple uses — and the Sous Vide Pot does, at least, seem to be relatively high quality. Though it might have made more sense for Tuxton Home to have designed a variety of sous vide-adaptable lids to fit pots that are already in your kitchen.

Tuxton Home will start shipping Sous Vide pots to early backers in May 2018. Which seems ambitious — but the company is confident they’ll hit their goal ship date. This is because they control every aspect of the production, from design to manufacturing to distribution. Tuxton Home’s parent company Tuxton also has 20 years of experience manufacturing and distributing cookware, so this isn’t their first rodeo.

You can get a Sous Vide pot for $115 with the Early Bird deal. Which is kind of a lot for a glorified stockpot, but if you’re a sous vide fiend who wants to be able to make perfectly-cooked steak slightly more quickly than you already do, it might be worth the investment.


  1. too bad they could not have insulated the pot, too, or created a permanent pot holder that was insulated.

    a silicone bowl cover with a cutout for the circulator on a regular stockpot works just as well, if you already have a stockpot of the right size.

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