Everyone has a little tweak to make a recipe better. To give it a little something unique. My personal favorite recipe tweak is to mix in a cup of cottage cheese into my waffle batter.

The new recipe site, To Taste, celebrates and encourages these twists on dishes by letting users publish their own modifications. Fast Company first reported on Taste To, which is launching without any outside funding and is free to use.

The minimalist Taste To site hosts a number of “original” recipes. If you want to make a change, hit the “Tweak” button and you can alter the ingredients or amounts or provide other special instructions. The site keeps the original version of the recipe and adds the new version with your name on it. Scroll down below the original recipe to see what modifications others have made.

There aren’t a ton of recipes on on To Taste quite yet, but it’s exciting to see a recipe site embrace our human desire to make things our own. And at the same time, it points to yet another way the recipe is no longer immutable and becoming the heart of the digital kitchen.

We talk a lot about the recipe evolving into a discovery and commerce platform, and if To Taste catches on, it’s in a good spot to capitalize on both of those aspects. Other companies like Whisk, Fexy and AllRecipes are making recipes actionable and shoppable, while services like Amazon and Instacart are able to deliver those ingredients same day. So you can be inspired by a recipe in the morning and be making it that night.

To Taste extends this inspiration along a different, more social vector. With services like To Taste, you don’t need to fish through the comment section of an online recipe or join a Facebook group to find a recipe tweak you might like. It’s presented to you as an equally relevant option. Additionally, you can share your own alterations and perhaps inspire others.

Perhaps you’re inspired to add a bunch of cottage cheese to your next batch of waffles. (I promise, it’s delicious!)

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