Yes, software will even change the way you cook eggs.

What do you think software tastes like?

According to Jon Jenkins, Director of Technology at Hestan Smart Labs (the company behind the Hestan Cue), it tastes like consistency. In this video from the Smart Kitchen Summit, Jenkins explains how software can revolutionize the way that home cooks use recipes, eliminating human error to help them achieve the same high-quality results every time—just like a restaurant.

Jenkins has a seasoned background in both hardware and software. He cut his teeth at Amazon and Pinterest building software around personalization before he “caught the hardware bug” in 2014. Shortly afterward, he joined the team at Hestan Smart Cooking, the company behind guided cooking system Hestan Cue.

During his talk, Jenkins posed some interesting questions:

  • Why don’t recipes look exactly the same every time, no matter who cooks them?
  • How do we reduce variability and eliminate human error in the kitchen?
  • Why can’t home cooks have the same level of output consistency that you’d find at a Thomas Keller restaurant?

The answer to all of these queries, as you might have guessed, is software. Watch the video to see Jenkins make some bold assertions about the future of recipes, crack a few jokes, and explain how software will change the way the way we cook in the future.

Want to rub shoulders with innovators in the future of food and cooking? We – and Hestan Cue’s Jon Jenkins – will be in Dublin on June 11th-12th for our first Smart Kitchen Summit Europe. We hope to see you there!

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