If you think solar powered cooking is something you can only do when the sun is out, think again.

That’s because GoSun, the company which got its start five years ago when it debuted its first solar oven on Kickstarter, has evolved its product line to what is essentially a fully self-contained “solar kitchen” that can cook (or chill) at any time of the day or night.

At the center of the company’s solar kitchen concept is the GoSun Fusion, a hybrid oven that can cook using solar power or electricity. With the Fusion, a user can cook a meal with solar power in about an hour. At night, the Fusion can cook a meal in the same amount of time by drawing power from the new lithium ion power bank product the company is debuting at CES. The power bank will receive its energy from an accompanying foldable solar panel, also being rolled out at CES.

While all this cooking is great, you and I both know a kitchen is not complete without something to keep your food (or beer) cold. GoSun now has that covered too. The company also unveiled the GoSun Chill, which the company calls a cooler but, according to GoSun CEO Patrick Sherwin, it’s actually a fully operable mini-fridge.

“It’s crazy how efficient this technology has gotten,” said Sherwin. The Chill (read fridge) has a “brushless DC compressor motor inside allows you to keep a couple cases of beer cold for entire day with this power bank.”

According to Sherwin, the Fusion will be shipping in a little over a month and the new power bank, solar panel and Chill cooler will be for sale in March via Indiegogo and will ship in the summer.

You can watch my full interview with Sherwin from CES Unveiled below:

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  1. Shipping in a little over a month? That would be February? I have an update from their Fusion Kickstarter campaign that says “Estimated delivery is now late Spring, early Summer – no fret, we’ll keep you updated”

  2. @Luther – thanks for the comment/update. After I wrote this I have seen the update on Kickstarter, so it looks like you’re correct, the Fusion is expected to ship more toward mid-year rather than in Q1.

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