Restaurant Business is currently running a great feature packed with “50 Great Ideas” that restaurants are putting in action to boost engagement and sales.

Here are a few smart moves that caught our eye:

Video training manuals. Arby’s has an internal video platform that hosts sub-two minute staff training videos that are often user-generated. These snack-sized snippets fit with how millennials staffers seek out and discover knowledge for self-learning.

Forecasting weather and sales. Mad Greens in Denver, CO, ties a weather prediction service into its ordering software to help gauge sales, plan accordingly, and reduce food waste (rainy day = worse sales).

Instagram-friendly booths. The Boston Chops steakhouse designed a table that lets users move arm lights and change their intensity to help them snap that perfect (viral) dinner ‘gram.

Some of the ideas in the list point to broader tech-driven trends: integrating new data points into existing systems for better predictions, better leveraging social media, and enhanced delivery options. Others are more basic, like creating a happy hour for kids and dogs.

You should definitely check out the full list for a lot of ideas that are sure to become mainstream soon.

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