Ordermark, a startup that helps restaurants unify and organize online orders, today announced that it has closed a $9.5 million Series A led by Nosara Capital. This brings the total amount raised by the company to $12.6 million.

The boom in restaurant delivery has spawned a boom in companies who will deliver that food. Managing orders from the likes of GrubHub, UberEats, and DoorDash can cause chaos for restaurant staff because none of those systems talk to each other, and each require separate installations. Ordermark works to help streamline and simplify that process. As we wrote about the company back in March:

Ordermark works with restaurants to identify delivery services available in their geographic area. The company then onboards these platforms and integrates them into an Ordermark dashboard, which standardizes all incoming orders and funnels them through a single printer.

Since we last checked in with the company, Ordermark has grown quite a bit and now integrates with fifteen online ordering services. The company also has more than 500 restaurant brands including TGI Friday’s, Qdoba, Johnny Rockets and Sonic.

As Ordermark Founder and CEO, Alex Canter, told me earlier this year “Convenience isn’t going away, and it’s not a trend either.”

Ordermark’s business is akin to the old saw about the people who really made money off the gold rush were the ones who sold pick axes. The more delivery grows, the more restaurants will need consolidation tools like Ordermark’s.

With its new money, Canter said that Ordermark will be expanding its product offering into reporting tools, accounting and more.

Restaurants, especially ones that deliver, are data-generating machines. Everyone eats, and developing a deeper understanding of what people order, when they order it, where they live, etc. is a gold mine for restaurants who can then market to precise neighborhoods and demographics. Startups like Ordermark and Ingest.ai aren’t just streamlining order processes, they are helping restaurants create a deeper understanding of their business.

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