The PicoBrew Z brewing system

Last week when the Spoon was the first to write about the PicoBrew Z,  I speculated about what the pricing would be for PicoBrew’s latest product line. I guessed the system, which is intended to fill the gap between home brew systems and commercial setups that typically start with a barrel (30 gallons) brewing capacity, would start below $10 thousand.

While I was right, I admittedly shot a bit high. The PicoBrew Z MSRP pricing ranges from $2,500 to $8,500 and is currently priced at up to a 50% discount for preorder customers.

Per the release:

  • Z1 produces up to 2.5 gallons per brew cycle (MSRP $2,500, Pre-Order for $1,499)
  • Z2 produces up to 5 gallons per brew cycle (MSRP $4,000, Pre-Order for $1,999)
  • Z3 produces up to 7.5 gallons per brew cycle (MSRP $6,000, Pre-Order for $2,999)
  • Z4 produces up to 10 gallons per brew cycle (MSRP $8,500, Pre-Order for $3,999)

Preorders can only be purchased through the PicoBrew website, which marks a departure for a company that has become something of a Kickstarter darling. According to CEO Bill Mitchell, they are modeling their latest effort after that of Glowforge, which had a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign in 2015 when it launched its 3D printer through its own website. Much like the Glowforge 3D printer, the new PicoBrew Z is a product targeted at the pro/semi-pro market.

For those who prefer buying gear through Kickstarter, don’t despair. For future consumer-centric products like that of the Pico, Mitchell said the company will continue to use Kickstarter.

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