Wingstop looks to be progressing nicely on its goal of “digitizing every transaction.” The company reported on its first-quarter earnings call this week that more than 30 percent of its orders now arrive via digital channels.

Earlier this year, Wingstop CEO Charlie Morrison said that the company had “upped the fun factor” of mobile ordering with the launch of its customized mobile app that not only streamlines the process for off-premises orders but also includes amusing features like the “wing calculator,” which will gauge your appetite and help you decide how many wings to buy. Morrison noted that digital orders carry a check average about $5 higher than those on traditional tickets.

Mobile orders are just one of several digital initiatives the company focused on in Q1. Like Wendy’s, Dunkin’, McDonald’s, and dozens of other QSRs, the company believes investing in tech will give it what Morrison calls “strategic advantage.” To that end, Wingstop also started testing self-service kiosks, QR-coded pickup lockers, and digital menu boards. Morrison noted on the call that the company is “experimenting with different technologies to enhance speed of service and allow more throughput from the kitchen,” though he didn’t go into detail.

And, of course, delivery is part of Wingstop’s quest to digitize every transaction. The company aims to have delivery in 50 percent of its stores by mid-year and 80 percent by the end of 2019. According to Andy Barish, an analyst with Jeffries, Wingstop is on track to achieve that goal.

While it will be a while before Wingstop comes close to digitizing every transaction, the company has made clear this week that it’s in the technology game for the long haul, and that we can expect more digital initiatives to ramp up over this next quarter.

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