In January of 2017, Anova unveiled the Nano, a $99 sous vide circulator.

The Bluetooth-enabled, smaller form factor appliance gave Anova its first sub-$100 entry in what has become an increasingly price-competitive marketplace over the past couple of years. The Nano, which was announced at the same time as a new higher-end pro edition of the Anova circulator (the Pro 2.0), was expected to ship in October of last year, but the company announced in September that the Nano would not ship in 2017.

While some early preorder customers were understandably bummed, the company offered the early birds a full refund or the option of an exchange for the higher-priced Bluetooth circulator.

Those who chose to wait it out saw their patience rewarded these past couple weeks, as the company started shipping the Nano to preorder customers. The Spoon also learned this week that the Nano will be available via the Anova website and on starting tomorrow, June 30th.

A company spokesperson told The Spoon that there is still no word on when we might see the updated Anova Pro or the Anova Precision Oven, which the company unveiled at the Smart Kitchen Summit in October of 2016.

Editor note: You can read our review of the Nano here.

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