The new Pico C and Pico C Keg.

This morning I wrote about PicoBrew’s new Kickstarter campaign and their new lower-priced Pico C homebrew appliance (starting at $279).

While much of the focus for PicoBrew in this most recent product launch was reaching a more affordable price for new brewers, the company also focused on making the process of home brewing a little easier. This effort included a new brew app as well as a new beer subscription service, but perhaps the biggest step forward in ease-of-use is the new Pico C Keg.

What’s the difference with the C Keg and the older ball-lock model that came standard with the original Pico? For one, the connectors move away from a ball-lock model to a much simpler hose-barb connector.  According to PicoBrew CEO Bill Mitchell, newer brewers often will neglect to fully lock in the ball-lock connectors on the older model, so the newer connectors should eliminate that possibility.

But perhaps the biggest difference is the new Pico C’s removable lid and machine washability. One of the challenges with home brewing is the need for home brewers to make sure equipment is really clean, which usually requires special cleaners that need to be purchased at a local homebrew store or speciality retailer online. With the Pico C Keg, the need for special cleaners are eliminated since you can just drop in the dishwasher.

Of course, this doesn’t eliminate the need for cleaners for serving kegs, but one step at a time, right?

You can watch PicoBrew’s Bill Mitchell explain the new C Keg in the video below.

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  1. My issue with homebrewing is cleanup. The Pico makes it easier for sure, but the kegs are a pain. This will probably tip the scale for me on this thing and I’ll pull the trigger on buying one.

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