Amazon’s on a recipe integration tear.

This week another Amazon partner unveiled yet another recipe integration, but this one has a personalized meal plan twist. EatLove, a service that offers meal planning and recipes tailored around personal health profiles has announced they are integrating with Amazon Fresh.

Just as with the Allrecipes integration we covered yesterday, EatLove has partnered with AmazonFresh to enable same-day delivery of groceries tailored around specific recipes. The personalized nutrition site takes information based on a profile filled out by subscribers and offers meal plans tailored by nutritionists, and now those meal plans can essentially be assembled and sent to your home by AmazonFresh.

In a way, the coupling of EatLove and AmazonFresh is similar to personalized meal kit offerings like those from Habit, only with EatFresh you aren’t actually sending in bodily fluids. For Amazon, it makes a lot of sense to jump on the personalized nutrition bandwagon, particularly as the company builds what looks to be a variety of meal-kit-on-demand services through different partners, essentially allowing them to tap into specific audiences with unique meal planning needs.

For companies like Eatlove, Fexy and Allrecipes, the Amazon recipe-delivery integrations also makes sense since it no doubt makes them more attractive partners for big brands. For meal kit companies like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and now Habit, this is yet another ominous shot across the bow from Amazon.

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